New Music: Young Thug – Gain Clout

Young Thug – Gain Clout

Young Thug - Gain Clout
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With a beat cheekily reminiscent of Timbaland and Missy Elliott’s “Get Ur Freak On,” Thugger takes over “Gain Clout’s” bouncy instrumental like an electric eel. Though much of the album finds Thugger in his melodic bag, “Gain Clout” brings out his own variation of “Beast Mode,” not unlike that perpetuated by the homie Future. Though we’ve all come to find ourselves enamoured with his pop friendly stylings, fondly looking back on his dress-donning days of Jeffery, it’s always nice to hear Thugger spitting his own variation of “BARS.”


With vivid lyricism imbued with classic Thug X-rated imagery, “Gain Clout” emerges as an early-game highlight for one particularly interesting reason. Thugger gets to stand alone, and it is often during his solitary moments that his unique approach to songwriting shines the brightest. Those who say he can’t rap would do well to bump this one, as his moments of genuine spazzing continue to verge on uncommon. Don’t let the cavalcade of guest appearances deceive you; like a dead-eyed vigilante with a dark past, Thug may very well work best alone.

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